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BiT - ultra-functional furniture element

Do you have a small apartment?
Planning to get income from Airbnb rentals?
No separate rooms for kids?
Are you an enthusiastic gamer or a movie fan?

Presenting BiT - World's only magnetically connectable soft furniture elements for living rooms

A double sofa and armchair assembled from BiT elements resembles minimalistic Scandinavian design.

Only a double sofa reassembled as a ..watch tower? Magnetic connectivity makes reconstructing very fast.

Let's add rest of the pieces from armchair. Check available colors here.

Reshaping continues. It’s fortress time! Building with BiT elements is easy even for four-year-olds.

..and private hut time with crocheed blanket as a roof.

Taking a refreshing swim on a ball pit.

Switching from swim to sim! Couple of rounds in the countryside with a sport car. Check.

Practise makes the master. Time to challenge mum! A perfect family day wrapped up!

Customize the space to meet Your needs

BiT™ soft elements were created to give you the maximum control of furniture over any space. BiT™ is the first freely buildable soft furniture system on the markets. BiT™ makes living spaces truly multi-functional and safe for all age groups. BiT adapters makes possible to connect thousands of gadgets straight into Your sofa.

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Kid Extended

Armchair +back extended

couch +pillow special

family mega pack

car simulator armchair

fighter jet armchair

dual fps couch

the duel ultimate

more products

products available only through pre-order

Mika Myllylä

CEO, innovator

Mika Myllylä created insertable connectors for the blocks and computer peripheral adaptors.

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