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BiT soft elements were created to give you the maximum control of furniture over any space. BiT is the first freely buildable soft furniture system on the markets. BiT makes living spaces truly multi-functional and safe for all age groups. Follow our Indiegogo campaign and make Your first orders there!

Bit fitS your home


BiT for households

BiT as a furniture element

Do you have a small apartment? No separate rooms for kids? Planning to get income from Airbnb rentals? Are you an enthusiastic gamer or a movie fan? These are just a few scenarios BiT™ was created for. Common nominator is a multi-functionality.  It is needed and it’s needed now!

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BiT is not only a furniture

Adjustable furniture serves you and your guests
Transforms into an comfy home office
Safe playground right in your living room
BiT for playgrounds

BiT as a construction block for playgrounds

Introducing BiT™ soft construction block for playgrounds. Soft foam blocks are a common toy in every indoor playground park.

Scaling from small playgrounds to big activity parks, you’ll find themed block setups for free construction area, stunt track and action track. Send us a message and tell us your needs! It’s time to step-up in competition.


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Kid Extended

Kid Extended

Some very serious element add-on for those not so serious builders. Needless to say, it’s a Fortress time. Lay those merlons on place – now! Includes 6x 8x8x8in + 6x 16x8x8in

Armchair +back extended

Armchair +back Extended

Extreme comfort with extreme amount of elements. Most versatile armchair in the world – and propably in this universe. You never know. Check Your smile when You sit on this. Includes 2x 32x24x8 + 1x 24x24x8 + 3x 24x8x8 + 2x 16x8x8 + 2x 8x8x8 + 1x back cushion

couch +pillow special

Couch +pillow Special

Unleash the power of 24x8x8’s! Creating a lair for all things soft and furry is simple as 1-2-3. Basic enormous construction power combined with comfy pillows is a thing to dream about. Includes 2x 32x24x8 + 4x 24x24x8 + 6x 24x8x8 + 2x back pillow

family mega pack

Family Mega Pack

Two in one pack. Extended armchair with extended couch. Builders ultimatum. Shortcut to active lifestyle with lots of laugh and joy. Drop in comfy memory foam sofa backs and that is it. Some serious fortress calling for conquerers. Includes 4x 32x24x8 + 6x 24x24x8 + 2x 24x16x8 + 3x 24x8x8 + 6x 16x8x8 + 6x 8x8x8 + 3x back cushion

car simulator armchair

Car Simulator Armchair

Yes. That’s a handbrake and H-box shifter adapter right there. Like to let out some steam on the streets? Pick a wheel set. Chances are that it goes into this set like a .. Yea, driving glove. Includes 2x 32x24x8 + 3x 24x24x8 + 2x 24x16x8 + 1x back cushion + 1x keyboard tray + 1x mouse tray + 1x pedals adapter + 1x U2 adapter + 1x support bars (2pcs)

fighter jet armchair

Fighter Jet Armchair

Need for even greater speed? Time to take 360-degree liberty and a break from the gravity. Places for joystick, throttle and pedals. Includes 2x 32x24x8 + 3x 24x24x8 + 2x 24x16x8 + 1x back cushion + 1x keyboard tray + 1x mouse tray + 1x pedals adapter + 1x U1 adapter + 2x U2 adapter + 1x support bars (2pcs)

dual fps couch

Dual FPS Couch

Call in sick. Call a friend. Call pizza delivery. Call backup. Call the operator. And check those corners! Includes 2x 32x24x8 + 6x 24x24x8 + 2x 24x16x8 + 2x back cushion + 2x keyboard tray + 2x mouse tray + 4x shifter adapter straight

the duel ultimate

The Duel Ultimate

Journey comes to it’s most insane end: Have a duel on just about anything You can imagine. Co-op or co-not, this is a reason to wait for a weekend. Includes 4x 32x24x8 + 4x 24x24x8 + 2x 24x16x8 + 6x 24x8x8 + 3x 16x8x8 + 2x 8x8x8 + 3x back cushion + 2x keyboard tray + 2x mouse tray + 2x U2-adapter + 4x shifter adapter straight + 2x shifter adapter long + 2x pedals adapter + 2x support bars (2pcs)

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Sanna Myllylä


Sanna Myllylä is a clothing designer. She designed most of the blocks and choose magnetic connectors as a attachment method. Sanna spends her free time with arts & crafts.

Mika Myllylä

CEO, innovator

Mika Myllylä created insertable connectors for the blocks and computer peripheral adaptors. Mika likes to game with friends.

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