What is BiT

What are BiT soft elements?

What is BiT?

BiT is a combination of soft furniture elements of various shapes. They attach into each other with magnets. Every blocks primary function is to offer most comfortable seating experience. They are frameless without any hard parts.

Back rest is safe in normal usage. Strong magnets keeps back rest in place during normal usage. If you try hard enough it will eventually come off resulting only a slow descent. Experience resembles the leaning back on a recliner.

Think of BiT as a simplified soft furniture. We left off all the adhesives, paints, laquers, solvents and wood which are commonly used in traditional furniture. Playing with BiT blocks developes motility, 3D perception, social and spatial skills. And above all, balance.

Stay calm if there’s a ship in Your living room when you return home. Just hop aboard and hurl sails! BiT offers very immersive environment for imaginative play and games.

For adults too!
Construct your multi-seated gaming couch and call your buddies for a spin. With BiT game controller adapters  You can attach  gaming wheels and flight sticks right into the sofa. Say what?!

Lifting a sofa to a sixth floor is a great exercise. Relocating is a part of life. It’s a way of life for someone. Carrying a couch parts one by one is much easier. Our biggest 32x24x8 inches BiT element weights only 13lb/7kg.

Bit fits your home

Video tells why BiT is different

BiT as a furniture element

Do you have a small apartment? No separate rooms for kids? Planning to get income from Airbnb rentals? Are you an enthusiastic gamer or a movie fan? These are just a few scenarios BiT was created for. Common nominator is a multi-functionality. It is needed and it’s needed now!

BiT Adjustable Living

BiT blocks are equipped with magnets to make building fast and tool-free. Build your custom armchair, sofa or new type of soft area. Even children 4+ can operate blocks and build their dream castles, huts and stables. Playing is allowed for adults too: Custom movie seats, game cockpits, massage table, or relaxation areas are waiting to be created. 

No matter how special your project is, creating customized environments is now possible.


BiT elements suits also to the indoor playgrounds and playspaces. Bit makes your home comfortable, practical and child friendly

BiT as a construction block for playgrounds

Introducing BiT soft construction block for playgrounds. Soft foam blocks are a common toy in every indoor playground park. Until now they were lacking connectivity. Scaling from small playgrounds to big activity parks, boats and hotels kids leisure rooms BiT offers an unique way to step up in competition!

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